The Many Multitudes of Our Continuance.

The Many Multitudes of Our Continuance.

“Be patient,” the poet Rumi writes, “where you sit in the dark; dawn is coming.”

There’s a tendency of rushing through; to extend ourselves beyond the lesson of this one gloriously boundless moment. Though, in doing so, do we not miss the catalyst to our introspection?

The Buddha taught that even within the tremendous variety of potential life manifestations – there are still three basic truths:

Nothing is permanent, everything is connected – and through this understanding, nirvana is revealed.

Speaking in terms of the physical realm – we are born, we grow and we will eventually die. As is the same for this world which surround. Everything changes – the seasons come and go, the tide will rise and fall. In fact, the only thing which remains as ‘permanent’ is that which we believe to be real.

We manifest delineation through such arbitrary measures – appearance, faith, ethnicity and social class. We believe such things to be the root of our suffering, though reality speaks to a far different claim.

We suffer because we’ve severed our connection to peace.

Everything changes, yet all things are ‘the same’. What remains is a an appreciation for the many multitudes of our continuance.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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