The Benefit of Love’s Illumination.

The Benefit of Love’s Illumination.

There’s a message written upon the mirror in my bedroom, “Love until you become one with love.”

I placed it there nearly 4 years ago in a moment of heartbreak and profound disillusion. Looking back, I must say – I can’t even recall the true nature of my circumstances. Nonetheless, the words flowed.

Some might say this was a moment of divine clarity, though – I’d like to think the message was there all along.

“Love until you become one with love…”

Each of us wants to be loved, though – have we the courage to effect its ‘return’?

When the heart is open like the sky, love comes so easily. Yet, beyond the boundaries of belief and trust, uncertainty begs its intrusion – often keeping us from love’s greatest bounty.

Though when we become ‘one with love’, as Jack Kornfield describes – the sunlight of heavens pierce through all veils,
‘illuminating everyday forms like a Michelangelo masterpiece.’

In this way, the boundaries to love are similarly paled.

A little something to consider, my friends…

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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