How We May Grow.

How We May Grow.

“Every morning,” author E. B. White once shared, “I awaken torn between the desire to save the world and the inclination to savor it.”

Each day, we awaken to the possibility of becoming more intimately aware – of our surroundings, of creation, of our capacity to evolve within it. We begin to see ourselves in the overall context of the ‘great machine’ – as the ‘values’ of greed, lust and desire give way to the promise of happiness through kinder living.

It’s all happening around us, or so it seems – the grinding halt of day to day. And we, distracted by this ‘noise’, crave more – more peace, more stability, more contentment of heart.

We assume it’s this longing which pulls us away – though, isn’t it really our focus? A longing to grasp versus a longing to let go?

All around us, poverty…wars… growing destitution. Yet, also somewhere within – our ability to interrelate; to widen the aperture of our focus and grow in connection with all living beings.

And, so begins each new day – with the desire to save or the inclination to savor.

For me, I welcome it all.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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