What’s Keeping You?

What’s Keeping You?

I believe it was Thomas Merton who once wrote, that in order to know someone – to truly understand their heart – we must first ask them what they are living for. And then ask, what’s keeping them from it.

Because, that which we cherish should serve as the center point of our courage; the space in which gestures of ego fail. And, by which the truer frame of hope is hailed.

Though we may stand vehemently to defend that which has captured our faith; to what end shall we secure it? More so, how might we further embrace its influence?

Do we stand in abject fear, or – do we listen to it’s encouragement?

What is your true heart, my loves? And what on earth could possible keep you from it?

A little something to consider…

In peace ~

Namaste ❤

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