The Value of Perception.

The Value of Perception.

It’s interesting how we may find ourselves at different points in our lives – strong, centered, assured. But, then – another lesson reveals to us the habit of our ways, still deeply ingrained.

In an instant, the spaciousness of our consciousness is unceremoniously reduced. And, the cherished lore of yesteryear redefined by a lesser view. (yesteryear)

“Foolish, weak, unworthy…” How easily the dialogue is displaced, as fear finds root within an unfamiliar place. Yet what, if anything, has changed?

Has purpose cowered at the hands of defeat? Or, are we merely coalescing to these thrashings of critique?

Thoreau reminds us that the question is not what we look at, but rather what we see. So, have courage and look again, my friends. Look past the caveats of perception. Step boldly into the transience of this shifting light, and let yourself be revealed.

Try not to fear what is already known;

“You are…you are, my dear.”

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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