A Happiness Born Through Connection.

A Happiness Born Through Connection.

“The problem with this world,” Mother Teresa once shared, “is that we draw our family circle too small.”

And, she was right.

For at the end of each day, do we not ‘draw our blinds’? Blocking the needs of the many to preserve the sanctity of one?

Yet, throughout this world the voices still cry. Entire communities are being lost to the devastations of poverty, disease and global war. And, children find their sleep without the promise of tomorrow.

The Buddha taught that we must turn towards the sorrow in order to fully understand it. Likewise, that our own faith might be encouraged in helping another find theirs.

Only then may we finally begin to understand: true happiness can not exist in isolation. Rather, true happiness is born through our connection.

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤

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