Along the Same Dusted Trail.

Along the Same Dusted Trail.

So often we find ourselves along the same dusted trail, insistent that the path has somehow changed. And yet, the nettles still deliver their merciless sting – and the blazing heat, an inextinguishable thirst.

Nonetheless, we are encouraged by its vague familiarity. Even when born of our past fear or pain, at times it seems we prefer the ‘comforts of home’ – however broken – to the unsettledness of a newer terrain.

In doing so, are we not bound by the limitations of our habit and circumstance?

Kabir reminds us of the sprout within the seed; that each of us is in our own way, struggling. Yet still, the seedling triumphs – flourishing in spite of these ‘intolerable’ conditions.

And, when the heat threatens to burn – it blooms. It hasn’t yet learned these caveats of sun.

Maybe, the path *is* the same – though, through it, we are forever changed – perhaps, even enriched? And these tests of habit which once constrained, become our future encouragement.

A little something to consider, my friends.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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