“Sunshine,” He Smiled.

“Sunshine,” He Smiled.

I love the way the sun breaks through the window in the earliest hours of morning. At first, barely indiscernible- as if unwilling to ‘rob’ our slumber.

She finds her way through tempered grace, yielding only to the faith of the now waning moon. “I’m here for you, my friend,” she whispers. And, with arms linked, escorts her home.

Though she holds the promise of life to all those before her, still she waits patiently at the window. And for no other purpose safe to ensure our safe passage into another day’s arrival.

“What shall we call her?” the angels asked of God.

“Sunshine,” He smiled. “And she alone shall help to shepherd my light.”

Happy Easter, my beautiful friends…with love and prayers for peace.

Namaste ❤

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