How Does it Make You Feel?

How Does it Make You Feel?

Maybe it would be helpful to ask ourselves what do we know to be true?

Not what we might presume or extrapolate through the influences of rival news media, political strategists and in-office ‘debates’ – rather, how do these present circumstances make you feel?

Angry, upset…enraged? Do you feel powerless against the tides of a rapidly growing dissent? Is the problem ‘too large’ for any one person to engage?

I, too, find myself struggling – 59 missiles striking yet not a single soul ushered in? Haven’t we yet learned, my friends – that taking action only when it suits is never really the way.

They’d like us to believe this war to be imminent – though, those of us who have fought will share that war is never the only justifiable means.

Stop. Take a moment, please – what do you feel?

If you, like me, wish these actions to stop then we must be willing to grant refuge. To extend ourselves in another way, to offer a farther reaching set of arms. And knowing that this harm against one is actually a harm against all.

We share this path, not by happenstance. Rather, in the hopes that we might find healing.

In peace, my friends…

Namaste ❤

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