This Greater Aspect of Letting Go.

This Greater Aspect of Letting Go.

What is it that causes our heart to be wounded? Denial, mistrust, betrayal – though we may term it as such, what is the underlying energy that keeps us tethered to a space we’d much rather leave?

Do we feel compelled to finish our business? To have the last word?
Or, worse yet – to find closure to this metaphorical chasing of tail?

Time shifts, time slips – is there no better cadence at hand? As contemplations of cause and effect make minions of our mind.

Do we see it? Can we know it? Or, are we suffering the blight of a spiritual betrayal? Beyond the aperture of absolute knowing, a greater truth begs reveal.

That the only hurt left to experience is that of holding on.

Having said that, perhaps fear of implication is the greater betrayal?

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤

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