Our Collective Human Concern.

Our Collective Human Concern.

I’ve noticed recently a shifting of paradigm; that which once divided is beginning to right its course.

For in the midst of this now grave human crisis, one things stands undeterred – our ability to empathize with those in need.

Irrespective of our political leanings or the caveats of our social circumstance, the heart always retains its capacity to remain open.

When our eyes are visited with the suffering of another, we feel its expanse as the awareness once locked within self suddenly shifts. In this moment, the boundaries of our existence transition and our understanding of ‘I’ begins to grow.

Some may argue that we survive only through ruthless posturing and the actions which place us in a superior position. Though, I would contend the contrary to be true.

I believe the heart craves human connection. Even with all its messiness and complexity, that connection is imperative to the continuance of life on this plane of existence.

Because a heart absent emotion can not thrive; and a spirit absent service will surely die.

Ram Dass once wrote that love is a tall order for those oppressed by dark shadows. Having said that, how else might we effect a more kind and loving society if we are unwilling to tackle this darkness in others?

I believe there to be just one answer – we can’t. Though, what do you think my loves?

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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