In Learning to Listen.

In Learning to Listen.

I remember once many years ago having a conversation with a friend. What started as a simple presentation of views quickly escalated, until we eventually breached the integrity of our coming together – to create a common view.

Points were lost in the fevered pitch of wanting so desperately to be heard. Until he finally shouted to me, “You never listen.”

And, he was right.

It shocked me, at first – as I struggled with my own reaction. “When had I stopped listening,” I wondered. I honestly couldn’t remember. Truth be told, if you were to ask me today – I couldn’t tell you what we were fighting over.

Though, I could tell you how badly it made me feel.

I think each of us, in our own way, is learning how to listen. That is to say, we are learning how to be more fully engaged in the totality of the situation before us. To listen deeply, and with great care – always mindful to that greater purpose.

In doing so, we begin to understand that which lingers still – the hesitation and bias of a subjugated will. And, serving only to cloud our vision.

Nietzsche argued that we don’t wish to hear that which might threaten our illusion. Though, if illusion doesn’t really exist then – what are we clinging to?

These days, I enter each of my conversations with a silent prayer – that I may somehow learn. And, not simply of the topic presented. Rather, more so, of its relation to ‘self’ and its cause for letting go.

In peace…

Namaste ❤

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