A Heart Opened to Grace.

A Heart Opened to Grace.

An old friend came to visit me once many years ago. He’d always been such a pillar of strength – centered, calm and seemingly self-assured. But on this day, his eyes – once warm – appeared vacant, at best.

“She left with the kids,” he said. “I came home from work and everything was gone.”

It was as if the life he had always known – the comfort and pace of his daily routine – had been suddenly displaced. And, now he felt lost.

The routine of our lives is a comfortable friend; we sleep, we wake – we greet each day never without the peace of its endurance.

And when that routine is broken, we feel the overwhelming vastness of its void. We fear our capacity to venture through ‘alone’. In time, we may question our very purpose and reason.

But he is never alone who opens his heart to grace; for that which seems lost is a new hope venturing inward.

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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