A True and Lasting Bliss.

A True and Lasting Bliss.

Why is it that which we ‘need most of all’ often seems furthest from view? We bend, we stretch, we strain our neck on the promise of a prospect, and that is it.

And, yet – we realize this craving is the source of our unhappiness; a thirst that simply can not be quenched. When, in reality – getting what we ‘want’ doesn’t necessarily secure our bliss. Rather, it can – in time – prove our demise.

‘I want’…’I need’…’I must’…

How often does the ‘I’ prevail? Eliciting the cause of suffering; the energy building with each chasing of tail.

“Whatever is not yours: let it go. Your letting go will serve a longer-term benefit”

Because the letting go is what grants us freedom. And, this freedom is the only source of a true and lasting bliss.

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤️

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