This Miracle of Morning Blue.

This Miracle of Morning Blue.

I remember asking my father once, “Why is the sky so blue?”

“How do you know it’s blue?” he smiled.

My father had a way about him; a bit of magic, perhaps. At least a way of looking at this world in a manner that begged new perspective.

To this day, I remember his words. And, never do I take things for granted. I have to see for myself; to discover and appreciate that which so often may be missed.

To the inquisitive eye, the world is never twice the same. While each day, an exercise is discovery. Offering this blessing to begin again; a renewal suited to infinite measure.

Though the scientist may be inclined to more practical explanation; these mysteries of mind shall always engage.

Why is the sky so blue?

Perhaps, ours is not to question why – rather, more simply, to indulge?

In peace, my loves…

Namaste ❤️

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