The World as a Dewdrop.

The World as a Dewdrop.

I once read the most thought provoking haiku:

“The world is a dewdrop
A dewdrop
And yet, and yet…”

It was written by the poet, Issa to commemorate the one-year anniversary of his firstborn’s death. In such simplicity of prose, it illustrates the inherent transience of our human world. At least, that which we perceive as ‘bounded’ – the song of death serving our only escape.

But there’s so much more, now isn’t there?

Just as Dogen’s drop encompassed the spirit of ‘moon’ – so, too, are we likewise encouraged.

In this life we are continuously challenged; the constructs of our self awareness shifting as the delicate process of unfolding begins. And, we may face unimaginable ‘tests’ of will. Though always…

“…and yet, and yet…”

There is always something more, my loves; something which often can not be named. It is the fullness of life, itself.

“Who can leap the world’s ties and sit with me among white clouds?” Hánshān once asked. In time, my loves – all of us can.

In peace…

Namaste ❤️

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