Announcing  Sifu & the Gizzy Wars from Artist Gary Talbott!

Announcing Sifu & the Gizzy Wars from Artist Gary Talbott!

Quite often I’m asked to lend my thoughts on another’s ‘creative works.’ And, quite often I hesitate; not for wanting, rather – I’m terrified that my words wouldn’t come close to sharing how much my heart is moved.

In this case, though – I’ll make an exception. Why? Because, the beauty of that which has been created contains a message I believe this world needs to hear.

From artist, Gary Talbott – my goodness, where do I begin? Perhaps, a passage from my favorite song – The Place:

“In our life, there’s times we decide we must fight; we can’t turn away. Still the tears that we cry won’t subside we must realize, there’s more to say. Who’ll be the one to say, be the one who says it all in the right way? Could you be the one…”

I’ve thought so many times of this simple passage; how it so eloquently summarizes the purpose of so many who’ve traveled this human experience before us. Great men and women – from Mahatma Ghandi to Martin Luther King to Mother Teresa; all with one central purpose…

To be the one…

It’s not often that I’ll tear up listening to a song. Typically, my tears are reserved for the more sentimental passages. But this song, it offers hope infused into soulful notes – and a promise, that one heart can indeed make a difference.

The entire album speaks to a lifetime’s worth of memories, culled into one of the best music experiences I’ve had in years. From the tongue in cheek ‘suffering’ of a young man wanting to be more in “Your Friend”; to the gratitude of rescue witnessed in “You Are My All”; to a reminder of our value as humans in “The Place” and on through to the pure joy manifested through unconditional love in “Safe” – this album is an absolute treasure!!

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