The Mutuality of Our Experience.

The Mutuality of Our Experience.

A homeless man gave me a hug today. “You make my everyday special,” he said grinning. Then paused for a moment simply to say, “Some people have the gift of a worldly smile.”

We know each other just in passing. In total, less than a hundred words – but, enough to know the need. The kindness of ‘smile’, the warmth of ‘touch’ – a gesture of commonality amidst the rustling of humanity.

To some, passings are marked with a cruel hesitance – a disservice to self, as well as, to others. With implications larger than thoughts may assess; a disparity of contrast where community is needed.

And, ever always this lasting heart – which sets aside what past imparts. Knowing each has felt their ‘hour of need’, in spite of the circumstances which led us there.

In this we find our shared experience; the blessing of oneness in a world of many.

We are more than our thoughts, we are action in the end.

In peace, my darlings- thank you for being the source of my ‘everyday smile.’

Namaste ❤️

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