A Blessing of Peace, Joy and Love.

A Blessing of Peace, Joy and Love.

My darlings, this morning I shall be visiting a source of sweetness in my life; a gentleman, a veteran – a ‘once stranger, now friend.’

Through his eyes I’ve watched these lessons of time unfold; the caveats of war against the prospect of peace.

We’ll sip tea as he pauses occasionally to reflect. Until memory slips to blissful grin, and life reveals its gifts again.

“If they’d have told me I’d find the love of my life,” he’ll say. “I’d storm those beaches a thousand times again.”

We miss so much through this muddled mess of distracted thought and wishing for better.

Meanwhile, all of life unveils its beauty — leaving the blessing of ‘whole’ to those with courage.

You see, in the end…happiness is revealed to those who are willing.

Happy New Years, my loves ~ wishing you peace, prosperity, love…and courage.

Namaste ❤️

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